Welcome Back to School

Yes, it has happened to me again. I am back in school. I guess I still haven't figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I am very excited about where I may be able to go with the skills I will learn in the next year and finally be able to do something I love. I made reasonable money with what I was doing before and I did not anticipate being laid off one week before Christmas 2008. But, this happened. I needed to make a change if there was someway I could. Well, there was a way, I found it, and I am doing it. A definite snooze you loose situation since this opportunity will most likely never happen to me again. For me, it is comforting to know I will not be welding, banging metal, and hardly be able to move in 5 years from now. I will be doing something I love to do and maybe be able to do other things I have always wanted to do in my life.

We are in the Primary Stage of the Bateman Family Reunion in BC Planning


This will be a reunion not to miss. There are so many relatives whom I have never met, and some I have but have not seen for thirty years. I have offered my support to have this happen and will contribute all I can to see it so. Check out My Facebook to keep up to date and make contacts. If you are not a member of Facebook then sign up. If you are a member but not on my friends or family list, send me the request. There are some things I do not like about Facebook and specially some of the ads they let run on it, they are rip offs, just be careful. For the most part Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with those you care about. I have started a Twitter site and I will know more about Twitter in a Twitter while. All this aside, let's get this reunion happening. All those who live on the other side of the Rocky Mountains will be able to come over here and see for the first time, or again, what it is like to live at the best place on earth (I'll most likely hear back on this one).

I have been using computers for twenty years. I have designed websites, written technical documents, done database and other programming. I love the world I live in and take every chance I can to photograph it. I enjoy editing my work, working with graphics, and printing and publishing. Now, at this young age, to take what I know so far and increase my avenues into a career in graphics and media design. It is the brightest future I have felt for many years.

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