Well, after thirty years of collecting photos, news clipping, stories, and personal writings, my presentation of the Storm of 1978 in North-Central BC Canada has gone digital and web bound. I starting collecting news reports and photos soon after Francis William Watson and my father Kenneth Scott Bateman were washed in the Skeena River by mud and lost their lives on November 2, 1978. It was the worst storm the area had in many, many, years and they have not had one so forceful since. Nine inches of rain in 48 hours was just too much. Another person from Smithers lost their life during this storm too, Cheryl May Halwas died at recess at Lake Kathlyn school when the wind blew a tree down which landed on her. She was nine years old. The storm was a very sad time for some but, we remember who we loved and lost and we are here today to speak of a time when people worked together and overcame what nature threw at them. Come over to www.trainwreckof78.ca and have a look.

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I am hoping that after five years of trying with all the obstacles in the way that Boo's Toys just might happen this year. I am working on the possibility of setting the company up and the financing. We'll see what happens?

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Anyone who has stories, information, photos about the storm of 78 or the trainwreck of 78 please email me at: hoghead@trainwreckof78.ca. Any reports or photos which someone has a problem with on the site please email me and I will give credits to that person or publisher. I have credited all photos and reports when I am able to but some are not when I am not sure who author or publisher is. This site is not about making money, It is about making a piece of North-Central BC's history available to everyone

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