Dadda's Story

Well, it has taken me almost five years to be able to finish and publish my story of Brenden Lee, the Littleboo. While it was not an easy thing for me to do when I began I knew I had to say what I had to say from my heart. As I wrote it became a little easier. There were times when I had to stop writing because tears came to my eyes and I felt Brenden so much in my heart. I felt I needed to write my story for, Brenden, for his brothers and sister, for family and friends, for those who never knew him, for those family members not born yet, and yes, for myself. It is hard to believe that today as I write this Brenden would be turning eight years old on August 16 and starting grade three in September, wow. If you are interested in my story and why will always exist for you and myself please check out, Dadda's Story

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Sometimes things happen which at first do not seem so good. However, if you can look beyond that this is a bad thing sometimes it is a gateway to a new path in your life. No, I did not like being laid off one week before Christmas 2008. As bad as this was it has also opened up a door for me to build a career on something I love, Graphic & Digital Media. It is a one time opportunity for me and I am perusing it without hesitation. It will not happen again for me so I must act now. I will keep you posted on my development through this newsletter.

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